After Big B & Aamir, Now Salman Khan Reacts on Tansuhree Dutta & Nana Patekar’s Sexual Assault Controversy

After Big B & Aamir, Now Salman  Khan Reacts on Tansuhree Dutta & Nana Patekar’s Sexual Assault Controversy

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta made a shocking revelations against Nana Patekar. She claims that the actor harassed her in 2008 on the sets of their film Horn Ok Pleassss.

She said that he had allegedly grabbed her by her arms and pushed her around. She even said that he had even asked the choreographers to move aside so that he could show her how to dance.

Yesterday, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan reacted to the same controversy. At the trailer launch of Thugs of Hindostan, when Amitabh Bachchan was asked about the same, he said Naa toh mera naam Tanushree hai, naa he Nana Patekar. Kaise uttar dun aapko iss swaal ka?

On the other hand, when Aamir asked about the same he said, “without knowing the veracity of something or the details of something, I don’t think I can comment. It is not right for me. But I would like to say that whenever something like this does happen, it’s really sad. Now if it has happened or not it is people to investigate and I don’t think we can comment on it.

And now the latest one who reacted on the controversy is none another than Salman Khan. In an event held in Mumbai, when Salman was asked about the controversy btween Tanushree and Nana. He replied I am not aware of this. Let me know and understand what is happening. I have been here and I am sure that the legal team will handle that. We will see what is going on. I am not aware of it.

Tanushree claimed that Nana Patekar has had a history of assaulting women and that everyone in the industry is aware of the same. After recalling the harrowing incident. , the actress added that the fact that A-listers like Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Shahid Kapoor continue to work with these alleged criminals is something beyond her understanding.

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