Ironman, Captain America, Hulk or Thor – Who is your favorite Avenger?

Ironman, Captain America, Hulk or Thor – Who is your favorite Avenger?

Finally the day will be here when we will get to watch what our favorite superheroes are up to in the new movie from the hit Avengers franchise. This time, the stakes are higher. Thanos is out there to annihilate the world and make in the milieu to keep the mighty villain at bay. We know every Avengers is your favorite. If you love Thor’s strength, Iron Man’s wit in unmatchable. Then there’s also the brooding Captain America whose righteousness is a quality everyone admires. He is the voice of reason in the league. Hulk’s anger is bad but when he is angry, he can beat the s**t out of any villain that there is. But we are pretty sure we all have our favorites. However, now it’s time to own up to yours. Don’t worry, the superheroes you won’t pick won’t mind at all. And your options are…

Iron Man

Robert Downer Jr. plays the rich superhero with aplomb. If we are in awe of his many gadgets, his wisecracking ways make us a fan. The best part of Tony Stark is that he can invent something out of anything. Remember he was captured and forced to make a deadly weapon, but instead he designed armour which can take on any villain on the Earth? Who doesn’t like a self made man and in this case, a self made superhero.

Captain America

Nobody instils grit and determination like Steve Rogers. A no- nonsense man, cap, as he is fondly called, is the brooding man, who likes to rationalize a situation rather than going in without a plan. He has always played a monastic character. He is the one who likes to be in control all the time. Don’t we all want to be like that? Stay in control and not let emotions get the better for us. Captain America is a superhero I will vote for.


He is angry he is massive and needs to be reined in more often than once but Banner or the might hulk has compassion as well. His alter-ego is the stark opposite of what he is. While Hulk is big, strong and angry, Banner is a meek, timid and a rational physicist who want to live life peacefully. But his anger makes him ‘Hulk’ out.


We all would love to be God for a day and while we are imaging, why not choose Thor! The God of Thunder has it all.. Drop dead gorgeous looks, a hammer that only listens to him, a sense of humor hto die for an envious wit. Given a choice, we would love to be him.

If you are wondering why we have only chosen these Avengers out so many superheros, here’s explanation. There is a probability that they could die in the film. Also they were part of the first film as well.

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