5 TV Shows You Must Watch If You Love ‘Naked And Afraid’

TV Shows You Must Watch If You Love ‘Naked And Afraid’

When two strangers of the opposite sex, both with adequate knowledge to survive the challenging scenarios they are put in, are brought together in the wilderness for a period of 21 days, without food, water, shelter and clothes, they must shed their worst fears and also their inhibitions to survive the ordeal.

Naked And Afraid, the reality Tv series, which first premiered in 2013 and is currently going strong in its ninth season, tests a contestant’s grit and perseverance to survive in tough conditions in remote locations of the world. A host of other shows on the small screen are made on the same lines of surviving in odd situations and here a look at the list of top 5 shows similar Naked and Afraid.

1. Alone


An group of ten people, all meeting each other for the first time, are separated from the entire team and left in uninhabited territories, where they have to survive alone for as long a possible. The reality television show, which first aired in 2015 on History Channel, provides the contestants with limited supplies and a satellite phone, which they can use to contract the rescue team when they wish to quit. The series also provides the winner with a cash prize if $500,000.

2. Marooned With Ed Stafford

Marooned With Ed Stafford

The documentary series, which first aired on Discovery Channel in 2013, follows the escapades of Edwards Stafford, an English explorer, who undertakes the journey to different isolated parts of th world and documents his survival skills on a camera, with very limited resources to his aid. Safford films himself under tough conditions and tests his limits to see if he can survive without the basic comforts in an area secluded from the rest of the world.

3. Survivorman


The Canadian TV show, which began in 2004, is filmed, produced, created, written and starred din by wilderness guide and several expert Les Stroud and it focuses on his knowledge and ability to survive in scheduled locales, where he must stay alive for a period of ten days, with little food, water and equipment that he carries with him at the beginning of each episode. The show tests the host’s grit and resilience to stay put in severe environments, which not just test his patience but also his Sanity.

4. Man Vs Wild

 Man Vs Wild

Known by different names in different parts of the world , the television series which first aired in  2006, is one of the most of the popular survival shows on the small screen and its presenter, Bear Grylls, is unarguably one of the most known faces with expert survival skills. The series features Grylls standed on predetermined remote locations with his film crew, through which he must make his way out and reach civilization. Grylls takes the audiences on an adventure and briefs them on the skills required to survive in a particular challenging environment.

5. Dual Survival

Dual Survival

With nine seasons down already, premiering in 2010, the reality series, airing on Discovery Channel, presents a pair, of trained survival experts who provide tips and tricks to survive in scenarios, mostly in relatively newer territories, which anyone can encounter while away in the wilderness. The due, equipped with minimal gear, uses their expertise and strategies to meet challenges and demonstrate their skills of survival in predetermined environments.

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