Meghan Fox Biography and Net Worth

Meghan Fox Biography and Net Worth

What is Meghan Fox’s Net Worth? $5 Million

How did Meghan Fix Earn Her Money and Wealth?

Meghan Fox was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on 16th May 1986. She is primarily known was a model and an actress with couple of blockbuster to her name. As far as acting is concerned she is yet to make a solid impact upon the discerning audiences and film enthusiasts but she is considered an A –list movie star nonetheless. Her beauty and sex appeal often overshadow her reputation as an actor and is regularly featured in the most desirable and glamorous lists. She has revealed in many interviews that despite being good looking as a child she was not a popular kid in school and was bullied for her straightforward nature and hanging out with boys.

Meghan Fox had a strict upbringing but was given the opportunity to receive formal training in dance and drama. In her early teens she found her first calling in the world of modeling after she was noticed by the organizers of the American Modeling and Talent Convention in 1999.

Meghan Fox made an insignificant acting debut with ‘Holiday in the Sun’ (2001) but the film never made it to the theatres and so she shifted her focus towards television for a brief moment.

The breakthrough moment in films came with ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ (2004) and even though Lindsay Lohan was the star of the Disney production she got her moments of glory in the film. Overnight she became a contender for the next big thing in Hollywood.

Meghan Fox position in Hollywood as bankable star was cemented with the super success of director Michael Bay’s big budget Sci-fi entertainer. ‘Transformer’ (2007). It grossed over $709 million worldwide against a budget of $150 million.

Meghan Fox seductive –experimental turn in ‘Jennifer’s Body’ (2009) was controversial enough to grab headline but the post release response was tepid.

After a few uninspiring outings she found her mojo back with ‘ Teenage Mutant Ninha Turtles’ (2014). The film grossed $ 493.3 million at the box office and restored the filmmakers faith in Fox. She was also a part of the sequel.

Meghan Fox showed a lot of promise in the beginning of her career but somehow she hasn’t been able to live up to the initial hype. However the good things is that she still has time and age by her side.

What are the highest grossing movies of Meghan Fox?

  1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: $836.3 million
  2. Transformers: $709.7 million
  3. Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtle: $493.3 million
  4. Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadow: $245.6 million
  5. Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen: $33.1 million.

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