Selena Gomez Posts ‘All Apologies Messages After The Weekend

Selena Gomez Posts ‘All Apologies Messages After The Weekend Deletes All Her Pics

Selena Gomez posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that might be directed at the weekend. Read her message here!

Now that The Weekend, 27, has deleted every trace of Selena Gomez. 25, from his Instagram account, fans have been waiting to see what the “Wolves” singer’s response would be to her ex’s latest move. Well, here it is. Selena recently took to her Instagram account to post a picture of her wearing a yellow dress and a jacket, sitting on some stairs. But what should raise some eyebrows is her message she captioned the photo with. Along with the pic, Selena wrote, “all apologies.” Hmm, now what could Selena be apologizing for? Oh that, that’s right – her most recent breakup with The Weekend. If it really is an apology to The Weekend, it’s a pretty cryptic one. Although, may be that’s the best way for the two former lovers who have excommunicated each other on Instagram to send messages: through cryptic two word captions. Check out the full Instagram post below, and judge for yourself.

We reported earlier how Selena and her boyfriend Justin Bieber, , who she has newly reunited with, have escalated their rekindled romance to the point where they’re currently searching for a dream house together. And with Justin spotted back in the studio, not only are we curious as to whether he’ll be recording songs about Selena at some point, but we’re also intriguted to find out if The Weekend will be subject matter in the future.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, we hope Selena and The Weekend can Keep it civil on social media. Checkout these pics of Selena Gomez’s most shocking red carpets moments.  

all apologies

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