Jennifer Grey Bio|Famous American Actress

Jennifer Grey Bio|Famous American Actress

Jennifer Grey Bio


Jennifer Grey was born on March,1960 in Manhattan, New York is an American Actress, best known for her role in Dirty Dancing 1987. Jennifer made her film debut in a small role in Reckless 1984. The same year she also had a small role in the film The Cotton Club and then starred in Red Dawn. In 1986, Jennifer played Jeanie Bueller in the comedy film Ferries Bueller’s Day off with Matthew Broderick. In’ 87, Jennifer starred as Frances “Baby” Houseman in her career breakthrough, Dirty Dancing, across from Patrick Swayze. Jennifer was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role. Jennifer went on to work on television shows and small roles. In 2010, she ws partnered with Derek Hough on Dancing With The Stars and they won.

Best Known For:

Jennifer Grey is best known for playing Baby in Dirty Dancing.

Personal Life:

Jennifer briefly dated co-star Matthew Broderick and their relationship went public when thry were both in a car crash that involved a fatality while vacationing in Northern Ireland. Jennifer also briefly George Stephanopoulos and Johnny Depp. Only July 21,2001, she married actor/director Clark Gregg. They have a daughter, Stella, born December 3, 2001 and currently live in Venice, CA. In the early’90s, Jennifer underwent two rhinoplasty surgeries which made her difficult to recognize.

Charitable Causes:

Jennifer Grey Participated in the 2017 women’s March.

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