Kim Kardashian Slammed Over Virgin Mary Kimoji

Los Angeles: Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian received online backlash after she transformed herself into Virgin Mary for her Kimoji app.

Kim Kardashian posted three new animated images of Kimoji on the app’s Instagram page reports

Kim Kardashian has transformed into The Virgin Mary and each of the animated image becomes blurred when it’s played indicating that this kimoji was made to celebrate Weed Day.

The caption of one of the images read: 420 drop now available.

However Kim Kardashian Kimoji was not liked by her fans who criticised her in the comments column saying that this act is beyond disrespectful and offensive.

This is beyond disrespectful. What does this even have to do with 420? Just some pathetic idea but mostly… Disrespectful to God, one user wrote.

Another pointed out that Virgin Mary is a scared figure.

This is shameful. Remove this image our blessed Mother Mary is irreplaceably sacred. We will not stand for this mockery, the commenter said.

Many people have demanded Kim to take the images, but up until now they are still on Kimohi’s Instagram account.

Take it off. Get over yourself seriously. Do u have no shame? You being raised a Catholic/Orthodox would know the significance of Mother Mary’s role in the church.  Blasphemy. May God have mercy on your soul, one user posted.

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