Melissa Mc Carthy Bad At Remembering Dates

Los Angeles: Actress Melissa McCarthy, who is married to actor Ben Falcone, says she is bad at remembering dates and years – even if it is to do with her marriage.

McCarthy opened up about her marriage on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

When host DeGeneres asked them of how long they have been together, McCarthy said:”11 years married. Right?”

She added:”11 years married, and I ould says 18,19.

Falcon said, McCarthy replied: I think it’s more than that but , It think it’s 18.

The host then joked that it would be great help if they can tell an accurate date.

Then McCarthy said: No but I’m awful with years. Like I ask my sister Marige, when was I in New York?, hwen was I in school. I have been like this for some reason… i Can’t remember.

I would remember like what you are wearing, what we did, where we went to dinner. I would remember like that stuff but in terms of like was it 1988 or was it like 2011, I’m like…ummm,”McCarthy.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is aired on Romedy Now in India.

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