Moana Movie Review and Audience Response

Moana is traditional Disney yet has a much more vaunted ambition of imparting life lessons by going back in time, mining from the ancient folklore of Polynesian culture and myth, never seen before in mainstream Hollywood cinema. The movie has an intriguing mythology of demons and demigods, inspiring a creation story with ancient fantasy that never been so wonderfully rendered.

The heroine Moana (Voiced beautifully by Aul’il Cravalho) isn’t just girl aching to explore new horizon s she fact is driven to find out what lies behind the forbidden reefs off her beautiful South Pacific island paradise.

The story is sheer enchantment. The movie begins with Gramma Tala (Rachel House) telling the legend to a group of toddlers on the island of Motinui. Whenever any scary part comes thought all the children look suitably by terrified except Moana. The enthralled Moana has been chosen by the ocean (Possibly as a reward for a kind act towards a sea creature) to take on a quest involving a long and dangerous journey that will, hopefully save her island and her people. Her wayfinder’s blood is calling out to her and her special affinity with the ocean reveals to her an ancient cruse that must be righted a glowing green,jade like stone – the heart of Te Fiti must be returned to it’s origins. Her father Tui (Temuera Morrison) warns her of the dangerous of the sea and throws the stone away. But Gramma Tala, well aware of the ancient lore, encourages her to set out in search of trickster, demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson) who was the one responsible for stealing the heart of Te Fiti 9 Mother Earth). The rest of the movie is about how Moana manages to convince an egoistic, Arroogant Maui into righting his wrong. And it’s sheer entertainment all the way though.

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