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Underworld Blood Wars Movie Reviews

The Underworld series has been quite a few resurrections and this fifth is no different.  During the 13 years since its creation in 2003, the Underworld series has no doubt, had fiercely loyal fans. This one has all the regulated thrill, blood savoring and CGI punches of the past and it seems repetitive and tedious but the atmosphere and the sharply violent narrative jousts make it quite a rarefied experience.

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Moana Movie Review and Audience Response Gossips & News Hollywood MOVIES Trailer UPCOMING MOVIES 

Moana Movie Review and Audience Response

Moana is traditional Disney yet has a much more vaunted ambition of imparting life lessons by going back in time, mining from the ancient folklore of Polynesian culture and myth, never seen before in mainstream Hollywood cinema. The movie has an intriguing mythology of demons and demigods, inspiring a creation story with ancient fantasy that never been so wonderfully rendered.

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Tom Cruise Shares ‘The Mummy’ First Look Gossips & News Hollywood 

Tom Cruise Shares ‘The Mummy’ First Look

On Thursday, Tom Cruise sent fans into frenzy on social media with a teaser for the trailer of his next movie The Mummy. Russell Crowe, Courtney B. Vance, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis and Jake Johnson also star in the Alex Kurtzman reboot.

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